Sometimes we sell Cool Stuff, for others.


We strive to have a very personal and hands-on approach to each estate sale we handle. We take great care, and pride ourselves in tailoring each sale to the family's or individuals needs and desires. From staging, to pricing to selling, we want our clients to maximize their profit while achieving the goal of liquidating the estate in a timely, safe and gracious way.

We strongly believe in visual communication and we put much effort in presenting the items in the best way possible. Our staging day may involve working on the presentation of some of the items, including cleaning and even basic restoration if the piece requires it and if it makes financial sense. Our photography is always an integral part of our estate sales' success, and seeing as we both have a background in fashion and photography, we therefore take great pride in a beautiful photographic presentation.


When space is running out and you realize that the majority of your "treasures" have been packed away for years or they are getting damaged by time and string condition, you may consider a downsizing sale.  You'll reach several goals; you free space, you'll find new homes for the things you've been collecting so someone else will enjoy them and, last but not least, you'll get some cash flowing your way.  Downsizing sales are becoming more popular and we can work with you in finding the perfect way to choose, display and sell the items you decided to let go.  On-line only, by appointment or a through a more traditional sale, we can help you gain space, cash and peace of mind.

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