A Passion for Vintage

Before we started selling Vintage, we bought Vintage. A lot.  AFL CoolStuff is based on years of developing a definite taste for beautiful things. We recognize artistry and craftsmanship across periods and styles. We find beauty, functionality and style in a Murano glass, a Joseph Frank tray, a Saarinen table and in a Jacobean chair.  Like music.. "it's not the genre, it's the quality of it".

We do admit having a "crush" for the 50s and the whole Mid Century Modern movement but we make sure our eyes stay open so we can source and offer Cool Stuff from  a variety of styles.  And we constantly strive to purchase at great prices so to offer our collection at competitive pricing.

On Demand 

Let us know if you are looking for a particular piece for your home or business.  We will check our inventory and if we cant find what you're looking for we will be on the hunt for it!  We strongly believe in collaborating with our customers and creating a relationship with them.  We also can custom build or adapt a piece to your specific needs.

Big & Small

From a large dining table with chairs to the perfect Vintage typewriter for your office, we offer a variety of items.  Furniture, complements and Art pieces.  Vintage Kitchen items, Office accessories and much more!  Our inventory grows daily and it's virtually impossible to update our site daily, so just drop an email and we'll get back to you with our offers.

Prop Masters & Designers 

Items from our collection have been used in TV & Film productions as well as in photoshoots.  If you are looking for a certain prop, from table top to furniture, we may be able to help!  We also collaborate with Interior Designers to help materialize their visions through our collection. From staging to furnishing, we will be a great source of things and inspiration.

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