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70s 42" Diameter Hollow Aluminum Balls

$1695.00 USD

This is a pair of vintage huge 42" diameter hollow aluminum balls. These balls were part of an Art installation in one of Boeing's building in Southern California. Once the building was dismantled, they were purchased by a local artist and became part of his Art collection. They are massive and surprisingly light at the same time. Impossible to find on the market, these objects have to be custom made, they are extremely expensive and if a company decides to take the order, they would take weeks to produce. They are in good vintage condition considering they lived outside for decades. a few scratches and a couple of small (fixable) dents but, since it's aluminum, no rust. We are keeping them as-is and let the new owner decide the level of restoration.
These spheres are waiting to live again as part of an Art installation or as ultra-cool decor elements, indoor or outdoor, in your residential or professional environment.
We'd rather sell them a set since they have been a "pair" but we'll consider splitting the set.

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